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Cuca vagina. Teensexfee little about the video Reflecting different national usagesfucking gif innocent is described as a "usually disparaging and obscene" term for a woman [1] or an "offensive way to refer to a woman" in the United States [2] by the Merriam-Webster dictionary, but "an unpleasant or stupid person" in the Compact Oxford English Dictionaryand "a contemptible person" [3] in teensexfee Macquarie Dictionary teensexfee Australian English.

In Australia and New Zealand, it can also be used as a neutral or, when used with a positive qualifier e. The earliest known use of the word, according to the Oxford Teensexfee Dictionarywas as part of a placename of a London street, Gropecunt Lanec.

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Use of the word as a term of abuse is relatively recent, dating from the late nineteenth century. Julia glamour.

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