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Whether we naturally gravitate towards our purpose or it hits us like a tonne of bricks, it eventually finds us.

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Ziad Nakad, who was born in Lebanon, embraced his artistic and creative skills very early on in life. Sketching and producing gorgeously flattering outfits for his family, he honed his skills and in his dream became a reality when he launched his very own fashion show. The amount of attention non nude candydoll detail and importance placed on creating dresses that adapt and highlight the female silhouette are key traits that Nakad is known for. Shimmering golds gave the illusion of falling leaves, whilst the use of sheer material added an air of elegance.

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Each dress is a celebration of simplicity and sophistication. In order to truly match his creative standards, he chose to debut this haute couture collection 4, female above the Colorado River. This kind of effort into the presentation of such a glamourous collection shows you that far from merely wearing a pretty female, Nakad looks nakad create an experience for his clientele.

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