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When performing oral sexevery woman is faced with the option to either spit or swallow her partner's ejaculate after he orgasms.

You may be thinking to yourself, " What's the big deal with Swallowing anyway?

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If feels better to a man to ejaculate in a mouth squirt a vagina than to cum outside of either because girls doesn't have to break his concentration or the great sensation to pull out.

If you haven't squirt to swallow yet, then my suggestion to you is that you try it at least once. Not only will you be exploring more into your sexuality, but it will heighten the oral experience for your partner.

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To get you started, here are some quick tips to master the art pornnakewomen swallowing:. STDs can be passed through the mouth by swallowing semen, so protect yourself by insuring he is STD free.

The more comfortable you can become with the texture and the taste, the less afraid girls it you will be. Taste it, smell it, feel it's texture.

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If you aren't having fun sucking his penis, your partner will sense it. Make him feel wanted and desired and switch up positions and tongue techniques swallowing take the monotony out of the experience. Remember, sucking his penis is not about you, it's about making him experience a mind blowing orgasm.